A Cell-free matrix for autoregneration of Articular Cartilage Defects

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Developed in Germany, ChondroFiller is used to treat full thickness focal defects of articular cartilage in the knees, ankles and shoulder joints. As our preclinical study showed, this unique collagen matrix has demonstrated significant ingrowth of stem cells and chondrocytes, assuring high quality regenerated hyaline-like cartilage within a short time frame. 


ChondroFiller is available as an injectable liquid or a solid gel which is shaped to fit during surgery.  Defects are completely filled by this auto-regenerative scaffold;  it is the first product to combine the advantages of microfracturing and cellular treatments such as matrix associated chondrocytes transplantation, (MACT or ACT).  

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Amedrix GmbH, located in Esslingen near Stuttgart, is a medical biotech company which develops highly innovative collagen based implants for cartilage repair. Their novel cell-free, auto-regenerative medical devices are made to treat defects with just one procedure and high therapeutic efficiency. These are the next generation of cartilage implants in the field of biomedicine. 

Amedrix provides cost effective products with very high quality, through their long standing collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology and significant know-how in the commercial processing of this new matrix technology. 

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